Keane: Football is unimportant after Manchester attack

The phrase "football is more important than life or
death" gets bandied around a lot among supporters
but former Manchester United captain Roy Keane
said that could not be further from the truth in the
wake of the Manchester terror attack.
Terrorism reared its ugly head again on Monday
after 22 people were killed by a suicide bomber
following a music concert at Manchester Arena.
More than 100 were injured in the bomb attack as
Premier League sides United and Manchester City
put their rivalry aside to help unite an area stricken
by grief.
United also dedicated Wednesday's Europa League
trophy to the victims in Manchester but Keane –
shocked by the incident at the start of the week –
questioned how much football could do in such
"A game of football is not going to benefit the
people who died, people who lost people and
families. No, I don't get carried away that football
can help any situation like that," Keane said.
"It kind of tells you how unimportant football is in a
sense. This idea, that football is more important
than life and death...that's ridiculous when you see
people being targeted like that. I'm the same as
anyone else, it's shocking.
"When it happens on your doorstep it seems to hit
home a bit more. It's the planet we live on. It's
"I am not surprised by the reaction of the city in
the last few days. Manchester has had its ups and
downs like everything else. The reaction has been
nice but it's not going to bring the people back who

  1. have been killed or badly injured."

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