Porto accuse Benfica hierarchy of hiring a witch doctor

Porto's communications director believes he saw conversations showing the Benfica president asking a Guinea-Bissau-based witch doctor for his services Porto's Francisco Marques claims to have seen an email exchange between Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira and Dr Armando Nhaga, from the Guinea-Bissau national police commission. According to Record, Nhaga initially claimed he tried to help Benfica win the league in the 2015/16 season and that he was owed €75,000 by the club. Vieira denied Nhaga's demands as he was unaware of who the Doctor even was, but apparently was open to a new deal. In this discussion, Vieira supposedly asked Dr Nhaga if he could work his magic and help Benfica win their Champions League last-16 tie against Borussia Dortmund back in February. According to DN, the Doctor then replied with his price list, as follows. €5,000: victory in the Super Cup €100,000: victory in the Championship €10,000: victory in every match of the Champions League group stage €30,000: win every game to eliminate the Champions League €1,000: victory in each match of the Portuguese Cup or League Cup €5,000: victory in the Portuguese Cup final or League Cup final Benfica lost 4-0 in the second leg to Dortmund. So when Vieira emailed Dr Nhaga afterwards so find out what went wrong, he replied: “Whoever was dealing with it did not do it in the right moment. The Master in Lisbon waited for the communication and when they did, it was late.” Marques says "The Master of Lisbon" was none other than Dr Nhaga's brother. Some serious allegations being thrown around at the top end of Portuguese football then. Marques says a bigger scandal is to follow, so watch this space.

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