FIG TREE

This particular tree was a repetitive word found in the Bible and a lot of stories and parables was centered around and about it and I can not help but wonder why.For starters the fig tree is just like any other fruit producing tree with its roots,branches and leaves;nevertheless,I will like to bring a few facts to our attention about the various fig trees mentioned in the Bible and what it symbolizes for us christians

 About 44 verses in the Bible both in the old and new testament made mention of the fig tree and that is a whole lot of times for just one tree to mentioned. There is a lot of messages to be gotten and a lot of lessons to be learnt from the stories in the Bible related to the fig tree.

 Starting from the old testament and the very first book of the Bible(Genesis)fig tree was the third tree to be mentioned in the Bible and it leaves were mentioned again when Adam and Eve sinned.They sinned by eating the forbidden fruit and when their eyes were opened and they realized they were naked,the only thing that came to mind to cover what they considered as shameful and to even make them look presentable were leaves from the fig tree and that seems like an interesting fact to me.Moving further,the fig tree and it's fruits were mentioned in the books of numbers and Deuteronomy to  make the Promise Land look more appealing to the Israelites.Like as if to say the promise Land is not only flowing with milk and honey but it is full of edible and juicy fruits like the fig and some others so you better obey God inorder for such promises to be fulfilled.Here I see the it as a precious and priceless fruit that is worth being used as a reward for servitude and obedience to God.It also shows how much he loved the Israelites, because when we go further down the book of numbers,it was mentioned again when they sinned against him  and disobeyed him, he had to remind them of his promises.In the book of Samuel,it was used as a show of kindness and love  when David fed the Egyptian that has not eaten for 3days and 3nights .In Judges Prince Jotham used it to drive home a point when he called out his half brother Abimelech for his evil deed of slaying his father's children.Going further from  the time the fig was mentioned ,We would see how Abimelech came to a terrible end as pay back for his terrible deeds.In the book of Habakkuk and Haggai it was a declaration of unending devotion to God that regardless of what happens and what became of the prophet Habakkuk and Haggai(And in this case us)The Lord shall be praised and exalted forever.The fig tree was also mentioned in the book of proverbs,Songs of Solomon, Jeremiah and Micah.

 Then moving on to the new testament,Right from the gospel of Matthew,the fig tree was mentioned but in a whole new light.It was used in parables as seen in Matthew,Mark and Luke that told the story of a budding fig tree to signify that the kingdom of heaven is at hand and that believers should watch out for signs and pray so as not to fall astray.There was another story that concerns Our Lord Jesus  as seen in  gospel of Matthew and Mark about the cursed fig tree,and this was used to teach us about how the strength of our faith in God determines the extent of miracles we will be allowed to partake in for it was stated Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it will happen. And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Then also from Luke and Matthew,there were also parables about good trees bearing good fruits and bad trees bearing bad fruits.This was just an advice to believers to be cautious about who they learn from and the  prophets they look up to so as not to bring forth bad fruits.Then in Luke also there was this parable about the fig tree that was barren whose owner wanted to cut off but took heed from the gardener who said to give the fig tree time to see if anything will grow from it,The owner here is God and the gardener is our Lord Jesus Christ who is always interceding for us and begging on our behalf .This serves as a warning to us christians to bear fruits and not just any fruits,good fruit  to prevent us from being cut off from our heavenly Father.There is also the importance of second chances and extending mercy to those in need of it most,and all these lessons can be gotten from this parable.Then lastly from the gospel of James christians are being admonished against the attitude of claiming to love God and extending hatred to their fellow human beings.

 These are all the facts I could draw up from studying about the fig tree and what it represents and the summary of it all is that it is a symbol of hope,a symbol of faith,of repentance and second chances,and above all of love.These are what the fig tree symbolizes for me anyway,Now the question you ought to ask yourselves is what does it symbolizes for you and I hope you find the answer soon because the fig tree refused to be ignored any longer.

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