PETZ POETRY:His fright of night

 PETZ POETRY:His fright of night

I lay on my back as nature took it's toll, 

Wriggling and rolling-like an old woman's hoe, 

Surrounded by the fragrance of sleep's warmth, 

I journeyed into the land of all but no existence. 

I closed my eyes,taking in the light the darkness offered, 

Swimming in a pool of astral seas-i felt a presence upon my bed, 

Beautiful and slender was its elegance, 

A rare gem had come to lie with me;one I didn't even know, 

When I dared to touch the sweetness of its waist, 

The terror I felt pulled my sprite from its yonder.

Mesmerized and transfixed-powerless and still, 

My body betrayed my own commands, 

Helpless and hopeless, 

I watched as it crawled away from my bed,

I puzzled in silence, desperate to take control,

The next second bore gifts and shook me into reality,

An escape from the dreamscape that sent it's scales to abaddon,

Then I realized I had had a night terror, 

A crippled truth so desperate for freedom. 

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