We all want to end up in that ideal relationship,the one that is beneficial and progressive, be it friendship, dating, marriage,or business.


With the increasing rate of infidelity, divorces, domestic violence and heartbreaks in modern relationships, it is imperative that one understand some these intricacies.

✓ The first step in trying to avoid falling into a toxic relationship is to yourself. Knowing what you want from the go and been true to yourself is very Paramount. There is a popular saying that 'whatever you allow will happen,  what you encourage will continue'.

✓ Goals: A goal setter is a goal setter is a goal getter. 

You have to also lay down target goals and share them with your partners. What is the aim of the relationship? Is there room for change? Is the partners in the same page with you?

These are vital questions you must try to find answers to as you move 

✓ Boundaries: Setting boundaries is a must. You have to know what you will allow and you must make sure other parties are aware. Not respecting boundaries is a major red flag. Note that boundaries are not meant to limit or cage you, but a way to guide you.

Never compromise to your own detriment.

✓ God: Most importantly, always ask God for guidance. Proverbs 2:6 makes us understand that wisdom and understanding comes from God. He alone truly knows the heart of all men. 

There's just so much and at the same time,so little we can really do.

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