We live in an era where the internet has become the bedrock of socialisation, bringing people together from far and near and uniting them under a common global village. These villages we may refer to as "apps" have become a virtual way of promoting togetherness among like-minds and even among people with several differences. 

It is wise to picture the satisfaction on the faces of those individuals who pioneered the development of the internet. Over the years, this concept which may have begun as a simple idea has undergone evolution and grown into a gigantic tree with several branches spanning across all areas of civilisation. The internet has been seen as a wonder and thus, this has led men to speculate that the internet is the first thing humanity has created that humanity doesn't fully understand.

The effects of the internet can be felt in all areas of life. Stephen Hawkings asserted that "We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain." The internet has brought easier and more accessible means of achieving our day to day goals. For instance, online banking has since become a tool that facilitates easy dispense of funds. Since it's birth, people no longer suffer before most of their banking transactions are processed. Online shopping too, has improved the lives of people in like manner. Several jobs which man would have deemed impossible have been created by the internet. 

Although the internet has received criticisms for it's negative impacts on man's life as well, it is worthy to note that the internet has done more good than harm if we learn to view it's impacts from the optimistic angle. Hopefully, in the future, it will produce more features that will help improve the quality of man's life and make the world much more better than it already is. 

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