We will shut down all private varsities, says NANS president


The new President of National association of Nigeria students (NANS), Sunday Asefon has vowed to shut down private varsities if the nine months strike continues.

 The NANS President said this in an interview with PUNCH newspaper.

 He lamented that the strike is the longest strike embarked on by the university lecturers.

 He said that NANS will engage both the Federal government and Association of staff union of university (ASUU) in order to find a lasting solution to the ongoing strike.

The NANS President said after he meets with both parties to come to a unanimous agreement as soon as possible and if the strike persist, NANS will move in and shut all universities Nationwide.

“If you are talking about money, the Federal Government will still release the money at the end of the day. The strike has not stopped the salaries of ASUU (members). But it is the students that are at the receiving end of this long ASUU strike.

Continuing, he said, “Before we mobilise our students to the streets to engage in a confrontation with the government, we believe ASUU and FG should sit and resolve the whole issue. That is our interest. We are tired of being at home. We want to go back to school.”

“We have three Cs, we have embarked on the first C which is ‘Consultation’ and we are going to ‘Consolidate’ on our ‘Consultation’. We will get to a stage before the end of this year when we will get the two of them seated on a roundtable. We will force the two parties to make a decision because they are toying with the lives of Nigerian students.

“If they fail to resolve the issue, we are going to embark on the third C which is ‘Confrontation’. We are going to shut down all private universities in this country. And after that, we are going to engage in mass action. Because the majority of the children of ASUU (members) and the rich are in private schools and they are not affected. That is why they are toying with the lives of the common Nigerian students,” NANS president stated.

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