Health Benefits of Kunu Aya

 What is Kunu Aya??

  Kunu Aya is a healthy drink that is made primarily from tigernuts(Popularly known as Aya in northern Nigeria, Aki hausa in eastern Nigeria and Chufa in Spain). Apart from the fact that it has a refreshing and purely satisfying taste,it is packed with a lot of nutrients-Vitamins like vitamin E and C,Minerals like Phosphorus, Magnesium,Zinc and Iron,High in amino acids,Have a low sugar content,rich in healthy fats and lastly rich in dietary fibers.Below are some of the health benefits of Kunu Aya

  - It aids digestion due to it's fibre content

  - it is used to control and regulate high blood pressure because it contains arginine,an amino acid that has been proven to reduce blood pressure

  - It helps the immune system,nerve and muscles to function properly

  - It is a rich source of proteins.They are in fact one of the best plant sources of proteins

  - It  has antioxidant activity due to their vitamin E and vitamin C content

  - It is cardio and  blood vessels protective because it contains a high level of unsaturated fats and low level of cholesterol

  - It is very important for lactating mothers as it usually makes the breast flow with ease, providing more than enough for your weaning child with all the necessary nutrient needed for the child to grow.

How to prepare Kunu Aya

   To makes this traditional creamy drink with a nutty taste,We have to soak our washed tigernuts and dates(another healthy fruit) for some time,then we sieve and blend with coconuts cut into tiny pieces.After this,we have to add a little quantity of clean fresh water and squeeze the milk out of the mixture.Then our milky drink is ready to be served, though it is better to refrigerate it first because it taste better when chilled

Aim of JoJo's Kunu Recipe

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