Globalization is a key to the creation of a progressive a d self sustainable Nation.


Globalization has over the years become a popular term. The Oxford dictionary describes globalization as a process of becoming a more interconnected World. This process is beneficial, the effect of globalization can be felt in all spheres of life from World Economy, Health to Education.

     The positive impact of globalization from the Economic point of view cannot be overemphasized. The strong wings of globalization have spread far and wide, bringing the World together. The International market over the years have witnessed tremendous expansion and limitations to growth curbed by the influence of globalization.  Computer systems and the internet (with all its magical properties) have made trade easier and far more efficient by bringing buyers and sellers of goods and services closer. 

      The World is now a global village. The impact of globalization in the health sector has also been tremendous. The use of Modern systems in fighting health challenges and the use of various socio interactive networks provides the perfect synergy in pursuit of quality health.

          One aspect of human development where globalization had contributed immensely is the Education advancement. Standard of Education has soared with the introduction of globalization. The internet had become a new 'savior', the hub  for knowledge seekers in all works of life and the beauty of it is the fact that it can only get better.

       Saying globalization has greatly improved standard of human living is staying the obvious, Globalization is truly one of the keys to a progressive and self-sustainable Nation.

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