1. Preamble:

The meeting was called to brief and update religious leaders and other critical stakeholders of the new wave of Covid-19. The Governor said that he has been meeting on daily basis with Medical experts on the trend of the Covid-19 since January 2021. His observations were:

1. The current strain of the virus is more virulent and devastating than previously experienced. 

2. It is spreading wider and rapidly. 

3. Areas hitherto less affected are now witnessing greater positive results,  e.g Edo Central and Edo North.  This was perceived to be due to throwing precautions to the wind and violation of Covid19 protocols generally. 

4. It was also observed that the new Covid-19 virus attacks children, youths, adults and elders with high mortality rate among children and elders with underlying health challenges. 

5. It has resulted in more deaths than the first wave.


The Governor said that no one love to commit suicide willingly,  he said  however if we do not apply  preventive measures the effects of the virus will be highly devastating.  Therefore,  Govt. Is contemplating enforcement of the following measures:

1. Religious leaders are to join hands with the Government in sensitizing of our members to avoid 3Cs:

-  close contacts (ensure social distancing), 

 - avoid closed places ( avoid usage of AC in churches) and 

 - avoid crowded environments.

   We are to wear facemasks and promote the wearing of face masks by our members,  not only in church but also on the streets.  We are to ensure that the facemasks are properly won, it is not a chin mask!

2. The Government will constitute monitoring and enforcement teams with representatives of CAN to ensure compliance with the protocols and under policy in force. 

3. Churches will not be closed, however we are to observe the following directives:

- Only 1/3 seating capacity of the church hall is permitted at a single service.

- Each service must not exceed 1 hour only. The longer you stay the higher the possibility of being infected.

- Older members should be discouraged from attending service. Those with underlying health problems are highly susceptible. 

- For now, children should be advised to stay at home.

- Adequate facilities like non-contact thermometers, hand washing taps, handsanitizers and face masks should be provided in our churches. 

4.  As regards social events and gatherings like crusades, weddings, receptions, burials etc. The Governor advised that such should hold in outdoors preferably ensuring social distancing and other non pharmaceutical measures.  Where indoors become necessary,  attendance must be within 1/3 of the hall's seating capacity. Handwashing, face masks, hand sanitizers and temperature 🌡 thermometers must be available. 

5. Schools in Edo  state will now reopen for second term of 2020/2021 academic session on the 1st of February and NO LONGER 18th of January as earlier scheduled. 

      Finally he appealed to all Religious leaders to reach out to their members because members trust their spiritual leaders more than political leaders according to him.

   He requested that we should protect ourselves in and outside the churches. He assured that Government will also engage market woman and transporters on the Covid-19 protocols and measures. 

  The meeting ended at 2pm.

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