The most talked about student entrepreneurship program in the world storms AMBROSE ALLI UNIVERSITY {AAU}.


Team work is best described as the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. The Hult prize aside being a competition is specifically intended to promote team work, resourcefulness while seeking from students a proposal of ideas suitable for addressing the challenge set out by hult.


The Hult Prize is a worldwide student competition that challenges university teams to solve the most pressing global issues with viable business ideas. Operative in more than 2000 Colleges and University Campuses in over 121countries, the hult prize continues to be a disruptive global leader in education, soft skills training and entrepreneurial training for the 21th century. It is a competition perceived to enable students attempt a critical reflection on complex issues with a view of giving tangible, well thought out result oriented ideas. Hult Prize was founded by My Ahmed Ashkar who is currently the CEO of Hult prize foundation. The Hult prize is a partnership between Hult International Business School and the United Nations Foundation. As a mark of recognition, hult prize has been named as the Nobel Prize for students from media source worldwide with a US$ 1000,000 global startup prize as its anchor activity.

While the hult prize has been existing for a long while, the Ambrose Alli University for the first time took part in this international competition. Expectedly, it was a daunting task having our skeletal plans with respect to organisation of the hult prize come into fruition. The organisation of this hult prize in Ambrose Alli University began with the appointment of a Campus Director, in the person of  Arinze Chinonso who subsequently set out modalities for recruitment of organizing team members and training exercise to acquaint them on their specific roles. The Campus Director was by this medium able to foster unity of purpose amongst the various organizing team members. 

Upon the constitution of the organizing team, it became important to commence publicity of the hult prize with a bit of intensity. The intensity was particularly necessary because the Hult prize was being introduced for the first time to the Ambrose Alli University. Thanks to our fantastic publicity team headed by Akhere Glory and Assistant Campus Director Uzomma Victory. 

As a resultant effect of the publicity, a lot of students indicate genuine interest to be part of the  Hult prize. This occasioned the openings for registration of teams in a bid to select a winner to represent the University. A total of 13 teams were eventually registered. 

On the 15th of December the entire events came to a climax upon the organisation of the big event which was the first Hult Prize campus program in Ambrose Alli University. As a draw back from the Covid -19 pandemic, it became inevitable to organise the campus program via a virtual medium. A zoom event was however adopted. In a challenge tagged Food for Good, transforming food into a vehicle for change, it was however well attended by over 60 participants with the teams keenly contesting for the number one spot. At the end of the competition we saw the emergence of  team pragmatic accomplishes as winners.

The grand finale was particularly captivating as the various teams had a moment of interaction with the judges as the judges similarly took out time to engage the teams before the eventual selection of a winner being a keenly contested competition. The Campus Director took out time in introducing members of the Hult prize organizing team, judges and our amazing keynote speaker before the commencement of events. Participants and audience were thrilled by the address of the keynote speaker and the special rendition by a leading saxophonist Abu Sax all adding colours to the event.

Having concluded the Hult Prize event in Ambrose Alli University, I must comment that it was an exciting and awesome moments passing through the preceding phases cumulating into the big event. I’m particularly thrilled by the success recorded. This leaves me in anticipation of the subsequent editions to be organized. 

In all these, I further wish to take out time to encourage our winning team who are set to represent us in the bigger picture. They have indeed proven their capacity, resilience and preparedness to do amazingly well. Hence we which them a rewarding outing.



Hult Prize Campus Director, Ambrose Alli University.

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