Coital Myths: Having Sex Regularly During Pregnancy Induces Labor?

   Coital Myths: Having Sex Regularly During Pregnancy Induces Labo

     Betty, an expectant Mother is concerned about her pregnancy.The due date was last week but the baby has refused to come down. She confides in her closest friend who advice her to try something old fashioned - have more sex with her partner to induce labor.

    When it comes to the subject of sex, there exist a lot of myths. One of such is the claim by some folks that sex can induce labor, funny right?. Of course coitus is one way to put a baby into someone but can it also help get the baby out?. Well below are some interesting hypothesis put forward to substantiate this claim;

   Mechanical Stimulation during sex have been said to cause contractions of the uterine walls and also cause the breast and brain to release vital hormones that induce labor. Hormones like oxytocin (which is actually similar to pitocin, a drug used by Doctors to start or speed up labor through uterine contractions) and prostaglandins, a fatty acid substance which is found in high amounts in sperm have been associated with inducing labor. Misoprostol, a drug with similar characteristics to prostaglandins is widely used in Medicine to initiate contractions.

This is one view that tries to back the coital myth.

      Orgasm during sex is usually association with some powerful contractions. This contractions thin and dilate the cervix, kick-starting contractions and leading to labor.

         RESEARCH :  Although these suggestions are reasonable, most scientific studies have not been able to find enough evidence to support this coital myth. A study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology found out that sex did induce labor at 41 weeks, but when a replication of the study was done few years later, Singapore Medical Journal reports that sex was less likely to make women go into labor.

         Finally, all these claims are hypothetical at best. There isn't enough data presently to support it. So if you have reservations about having sex before your due date, know that an orgasm is not going to trigger early labor. 

You can always seek advice from your health care physician.

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