Five kinds of women men should never get married to: Blessing CEO

 Five kinds of women you should Avoid as man. Blessing Nkiruka CEO.

Blessing Nkiruka poripularly known as blessing ceo, the self acclaimed Africa number one relationship therapist outlines the kinds of women men should never get married to.. In her words.👇

If you're a man I want you to pay attention to this video.  I'm going to be telling you the kind of woman you should avoid as a man.


Number one, you see that woman that does not like your family, run because she will kill you. Never you marry a woman that does not like your family because your family is you, your family is your root, your family is your blood.  when a woman is ready to accept you she should be ready to accept your family that is what comes with it.

If she can endure you and tolerate you, she should be able to do the same with your family

Number two, the spenders. You see that woman that cannot keep money if you give her money story. Everytime money enters her hands it one story or the other she has a itchy hand she is a spender.  Don't marry that kind of woman  it simply means she's not futuristic.

Number three The gossipers you see those women that like gossip those kind of women that cannot have productive discussion with you. There's a difference between discussing with your partner and a woman that is always gossiping that kind of woman is going to put you into problems because she doesn't have anything productive in her head.  that kind of woman has  complex issues. she has to put people down to feel good about herself run from the gossipers . 

Number four the naggers,  you see those women that cannot have a conversation with you without raising their voice without shouting, without turning every discussion or conversation into a fight run from them because they are going to nag your destiny away from you the highest thing that takes a lot of men to the early grave is nag because a woman is going to nag nag nag and nag your destiny away so once you see that for every slight discussion communication argument or small fight she's beginning to point hands and shake things and brother run run for your dear life it simply means they cannot take correction

The last but not the least The pretenders. Run from them such women are the most deadliest women their past is rotten run from women who are pretentious run from women who always act as if they are saints.

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