INSOMNIA- Did you know that:

1. Insomnia is a sleep disorder. It is marked  by the problem of getting to sleep, staying awake through the night and sleeping as long asyou would like into the morning.

2. A person suffering from insomnia is known as an INSOMNIAC.

3. Insomnia affects 35% of the adults in our society.

4. Poor sleeping habits/irregular sleep schedules, stress, physical illness and pain, depression, anxiety, lack of exercise, certain medications cause Insomnia.

5. Frequent need for hydration and urination in the night also interrupts sleep.

6. Researchers believe that some individuals are more vulnerable to stress-induced sleeping problems

7. High rate of Insomnia in teenagers are caused by their stress from school work, social obligations and using their phones or devices before going to bed

8. Alcohol which is a sedative that can make you feel sleepy, can actually worsen your sleep by disturbing your sleep cycle and causing fragmented, non-restorative sleep.

9. People who smoke take longer to fall asleep, wake up more frequently and often have more disrupted sleep

10. Eating heavy foods late at night doesn't help u sleep.

Also, Did you know that: 

1. Keeping regular sleep hours and creating a restful sleeping environment is one of the simplest remedy for Insomnia

2. Regular exercise like walking and swimming can reduce Insomnia

3. Having a warm milky drink or herbal tea, taking a warm bath, listening to quiet music or engaging in some gentle yoga helps relax your mind and body body before you sleep.

4. If you cannot sleep, get up from your bed, find something to do until you feel sleepy again, then go back to bed.

5. Avoiding screens one to two hours before bed helps you sleep.

6. Sleep is vital for every human, lack of sleep makes the human weak, mishaped and unable to function in his day to day activities

By: Michelle Ekhaesomi

       100level Mbbs student, Aau

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