Is God calling me?

Is God calling me?


1 Samuel 3:1-10,19, John 1:35-42

Many Christians (especially Catholics) find it difficult to know when GOD is calling them.

In the first reading, GOD called Samuel to become His Prophet (mouthpiece). In the second reading, Andrew and the other disciple were called to discipleship. Andrew in turn introduced his brother, Simon to Jesus the Messiah.

GOD's call is beyond priesthood or religious life. You can be called to work for GOD even as a medical doctor. You can be an Apostolic doctor or even a doctor with the gifts of healing.

 *What Then is a Call?* 

1) A call is a spiritual conversation between divinity and humanity for the purpose of working for divinity

2) A call is a spiritual visit from GOD to man

3) A call is a cry or shout from a heavenly being to an earthly being

4) A call is a request, summoning or beckoning from divinity to humanity

5) A call is a private endorsement from GOD for public declaration

 *How Does GOD Call Men* 

GOD can call you in 12 different ways

1) Through the sacraments of the church

2) Dreams

3) Visions

- Closed vision (eyes closed)

- Open vision (eyes open)

- Trance ( within the twinkle of an eye)

4) Priests, mentors, spiritual fathers and family members

5) Inner witness

6) Prophecy

7) Impression/Prompting

8) The Word of GOD

9) The gifts of the Holy Spirit

10) Through leadings

11) Through quickening

12) The audible voice of GOD

May GOD give us the grace to accept His call through Christ our Lord...Amen

Jeremiah Agbonifoh

100 level

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