Petz poetry: Ma-Dona

Petz poetry: Ma-Dona

 Petz poetry: Ma-Dona

Dark Shadows surround the elegance of your light, 

Beautiful as a star in the fourth heaven, 

I peer through the light hoping to see your face,

But I find a shell-a remnant of an old soul. 

Dona I'd cross the seven seas to see your smile, 

I'll defy the gods just to feel your heart beating against mine, 

I'll never stop loving you Dona, 

Even if it takes a million mile.

Cold winds bite the lips of my skin, 

Hoping and searching,desiring to win, 

Scorching sands sink six stones on my soul, 

Dona, for you I'll change the course of the earth. 

Hope is dark, hope is old, 

Love is gone and faith is sold, 

Go back home, to me they told, 

Dona is all I have to hold.

Angels watched me climb their mansion, 

Cherubs dazed with flames and sanction, 

Depart mundane for this is vile, 

To cross the veil, you must die. 

All for Dona so said I, 

I'll give my life in tears and sigh, 

A tender kiss-Dona smiled,

The strings of love played their lyre. 

Dona danced with grace and love, 

Into heaven she set off, 

When endless farewells built their wall,

Back to earth, my dreams went off. 

I'll pray for you Oh Dona, 

You'll always reign in my warm soul,

Whether we see or whether we dream, 

My love for you will bear it's fruits. 

Sail deep fairest of the winds, 

The hands of stars will keep you hale. 

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