SERIOUS ISSUES:- PSG Could Become Champions League Winner Without Playing Final (See How)

SERIOUS ISSUES:- PSG Could Become Champions League Winner Without Playing Final (See How)


The ongoing drama in the world of football is getting interesting by the day.

Have you heard the news about 12 European Clubs that have come together to break away from UEFA?

According to these clubs, the UEFA body has not been paying teams participating in the competition, hence their decision to form their own Super-League.

Which Clubs Are Founding Clubs Of This Super League?

According to reports, Premier League’s big-six clubs are all involved in founding Super-League in a bid to rival UEFA.

The Premier League clubs include:-

➭ Manchester United

➭ Manchester City

➭ Liverpool

➭ Arsenal

➭ Chelsea

➭ Tottenham

Some big clubs from other European countries have also joined as founding clubs. The likes of:-

➭ AC Milan

➭ Real Madrid

➭ Barcelona

➭ Inter Milan

➭ Atletico Madrid

➭ Juventus

How This Issue May Lead To PSG Winning Current Champions League Without Playing Final?

This issue is a big issue that has created factions in the world of football. It is now an issue of other Governing Bodies supporting UEFA while some other clubs are supporting the founding clubs.

This is a pure issue of Football Clubs vs Governing Bodies and of course treats are now flying everywhere to players and some other clubs that have still not joined the Super-League Gang.

Apart from FIFA threatening players who support the Super-League to lose their appeareance in World Cup, English FA has also stated their intention to ban Super-League Clubs from the Premier league.

According to, there is now a fresh threat issued by UEFA which states that the Super League founding clubs that are currently in the Champions League semi-final will not get to play if the proposed league is not dissolved.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea are part of the founding clubs while PSG has not shown intention of joining the Super-League clubs.

See Below:-

Now, what this means is that PSG might end up going home with UEFA Champions League Trophy without playing the final or semi-final.

This will surely be a piece of good news for PSG as they can fulfill their long-term goal of winning the Champions League on a platter of Gold. No Stress!!

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On This?

Super League Founding Clubs vs UEFA – Who Will Win This Fight?

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