Three Reasons I postponed my Album: Mr P.

 Three reasons Why I postponed my Album.

Mr. P

Recall Peter okoye, popularly known as Mr.P is a solo artist and a performer of the defunct P-square music group.

Mr P revealed why "The Prodigal" Album which was slated to be out by November 2020 was postponed. This was During an interview with the beat 99.9 FM. 

In his words:👇

Three things happened, which are the reasons why i postponed the album.

First, by the time we were almost done with the album,  before I could announce, I caught the covid.

At the point I got the covid, I got back on my feet. We went back to the studio.

All of a sudden, End sars, not only end SARS, my artist, my DJ, DJ switch. We saw what happened. She's supposed to be celebrated. 

 In fact she's my number one critic. And she was on the board. And after the end SARS, she went on exile. 

Where's is that conscience to release an album. I am not comfortable releasing an album. She was on the run.

And all of a sudden, I lost my father in-law. Then I said you know what, let's give it time.

Let's put every thing aside. The good thing is the wait was worth it.

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