Working out can be a strenuous activity requiring the utmost patience and discipline. For individuals with busy jobs and schedules, it is far more complicated, be it in a gym club or a home gym. Over the years, one thing that has proven to be of tremendous help is having a workout partner. Below are some of the benefits that we can enjoy from having one.

CONSISTENCY :  Even the most resilient of fitness enthusiasts experience 'off days' when they just don't want to exercise. A stressful day at work and all you want to do is lie on your couch? Having a workout buddy can help with the exercise. Knowing that someone is relying on you to honor plans and targets might just be enough to drag you on your feet and get that work done.

COMPANIONSHIP : Exercising, like most other activities is easier to do when you have someone to do it with. A workout partner provides the perfect companionship needed to help you reach your set targets. A workout partner can also be a real good 'listening ear' that you can share life difficulties with and get good advice for free (just make sure the therapy session occurs during rest periods between sets).

COMPETITION : A workout buddy also provides that healthy competition. With one, you are able to push yourself in a safe manner and you are more likely to meet your fitness goals quicker. There is absolutely nothing bad in comparing your progress with that of your fitness partner, a study performed at Kansas State University shows that people who exercise with someone they thought was better than them worked out up to 200 percent harder and longer than others.

CONFIDENCE : Confidence building is a key part in working out. Many people who try to lose weight get discouraged because of the rough weeks where they don't see any progress. A good workout buddy can see each other progress from the outside, provide motivation and constructive criticism.

CHEAP : It is cheaper to have a workout buddy than recruiting professionals to help you achieve your fitness goals. Professionals/Personal trainers can be highly expensive and in addition, progress may be slow. With a workout buddy, you are free to explore several techniques and this can quicken the progress made.

COOL : Having a workout partner can be fun. In a study of 117 adults out of a University of Southern California, those individuals who worked out with friends said they enjoyed the exercises more than those who got sweaty solo.

In conclusion, the benefits of regular exercises cannot be overemphasized; healthy living, confidence build aesthetic potentials. Again like most activities, it can become a bit stressful, boring or expensive to sustain but instead of quitting, why don't you get a workout buddy ?.




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