Abia State Governor, Ikpeazu Cautions Against Another Civil War

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State has said that the issue of injustice must be addressed in Nigeria as some of the agitations are germane.

Ikpeazu warned against the outbreak of another Civil War in the pursuit of the creation of Biafra.

The Governor, during an interview on Channels Television on Sunday, warned that violence is not the way to achieve the creation of Biafra nation, insisting that there are better means of going about it.

Ikpeazu, however, said that the issue of injustice must be addressed as some of the agitations were germane but waved aside the sit-at-home order by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, adding that he does not recognize the group.

“I don’t believe in Biafra through the barrels of the gun because I saw a little bit of the Civil War and I don’t want that kind of thing and I don’t see the prospects of that venture and I don’t want anything that will be suicidal,” the Peoples Democratic Party’s governor said, adding, “As far as we are concerned in Abia, there is nothing like IPOB.”

Ikpeazu did not, however, fail to admit that “it is difficult to proscribe an ideology.”

“If Biafra is a metaphor for agitation against injustice in any way, then there is Biafra in the heart of every Nigerian.

“Why are we not taking steps to build bridges? Rather we are emphasizing things that divide us – ethnicity, religion – all those things that divide us,”

The governor said.

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