DID YOU KNOW?? Every Time Arsenal Beat Chelsea, Arsenal Always Turns From Bad To Good Form And Chelsea Vice Versa

I don’t know the reason behind this but I have carefully studied it

Remember that Arteta’s first defeat as Arsenal manager was against Chelsea on the 29th of December 2019. This might be more reasons behind Arsenal turning around its form anytime facing the Blues.

Arteta revenge on the loss by hijacking his first silverware from Chelsea in the FA Cup final winning 2-1 on regular time (1 Aug 2020). Arsenal has however enjoyed a good spell next ten games winning eight games in ten matches. While Chelsea falls to winning just three games in ten matches after Arsenal’s defeat.

Chelsea gained their form back and progress rightly in the league while Arsenal struggles in the mid-table.

The second phase of the league happens to be in Stamford Bridge and the Gunners despite being in poor form still defeat Chelsea on a lone goal.

Arsenal’s season turns around and wins 100% matches after beating Chelsea while the Blues’ form has drastically diminished to the level of getting defeated by Aston Villa on last EPL day.

This could affect Chelsea’s Champions League match with Manchester City on the 29th of May.

In summary, Arsenal’s game always determines Chelsea’s form and a win for Arsenal against Chelsea always change Arsenal’s season for good.

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