OPINION!! Football Is More Powerful & Unite People Than Music (See This)


There’s something about football people don’t know.

For instance, Peter and Paul of defunct Psquare separated long time ago and no longer do music together. In fact they don’t wanna have anything to do with one another again perhaps forever.

But guess what? They still support same football club (Chelsea) till date. Think about it. A problem that ended their music career together, but couldn’t stop them from supporting same football club? Think about it again.

I made a post couple of weeks ago that is advisable, you date and marry fellow club man or woman. It sounds funny and silly, but I know what I’m saying. Note: This is not a relationship or marriage advice.

Do You That If The Owner Of Chelsea FC Call Mr. P & Rude Boy Together Right Now For A Peace Talk, They’d Settle Immediately?

Football is powerful. It has unite nations, it knows no boundaries, tribe or race.

Football Is More Powerful & Unite People Than Music? -DO YOU AGREE?

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