OPINION!! Nigerian Celebrities Should Be Held Responsible For The Ponzi/Scam Schemes In Nigeria (See Why)


So the other day, I wrote about celebrities endorsing ponzi schemes that they all know are bound to crash like all ponzi schemes do. I even called for the arrest of Davido and Rema.

For these celebrities, anything that fetches money is hustling and part of the “game” and it’s allowed, not considering brand reputation and personal integrity if they have any.

The success of most of these ponzi schemes floating here and there is credited to the endorsement and the air that celebrities give to them.

Most of these celebrities will endorse anything even a well packaged shit which they know is nothing but shit as long as they are paid handsomely for it, they are ready to harness their influences and lure their team of fans to the slaughter. Such a sad tale.

Davido endorsed Racksterli, then it crashed and fell as expected and whisked away billions of naira in the sweat of innocent people who are largely fans of Davido and he kept mute, going about his own business like nothing just happened.

The recently arrested and arraigned 21 years old Dominic Joshua of Brisk Capital whatever who scammed investors of 2 billion naira made gains to that feat because his celebrity friend, Rema of Mavins records endorsed his scheme.

Mr Ibu is everywhere fronting one Chymall Global Investment, another ponzi scheme bound to crash.

Chinedu Ikedieze (pawpaw) is all over promoting one StakeXchange, another crash bound scheme.

And funnily, no EFCC or ICPC or NPF is running up on them? Are they complicit or only tend to act when it has crashed and petitions are flying around and they feel pressured to put up a show to assuage the public. reactive rather than proactive measures.

Maxwell Odum of MB forex trade who scammed gullible Nigerians of billions of naira and donated 1.7 billion naira to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was successful because he got some Senior pastors of Christ embassy to endorse his business and of course he leveraged on the reputation of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who kept decorating him with awards after awards for his commitment to funding the church.

A crypto investment website called DeFi100 has shutdown, and ran away with people’s investment funds of a whopping $32 million.

To add salt and fainting to injury, the Website is now updated with the message “WE SCAMMED YOU GUYS AND YOU CAN’T DO SHIT ABOUT IT”.🤣

They had a long line of Twitter, Instagram and mainstream celebrities who received payment to endorse them.

The question I ask is, why aren’t the endorsers of these schemes held liable and responsible each time they crash since they are part and parcel of the plan?

In my opinion,

Nigerian Celebrities Should Be Held Responsible For The Ponzi/Scam Schemes In Nigeria -DO YOU AGREE?

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