PLEASE HELP! How Do I Recover My Money From A Debtor?


Hello fellow readers,

I recently tried building a business that didn’t fly.

I had partnered with someone to raise funding for a minibus to be used for intracity transport.

The arrangement was one that I had to make a down payment of 400,000 and he will get me the vehicle after which I will repay in instalments.

Long story short, after I signed the agreement papers, made the transfer and was expecting the vehicle in a few days, he suddenly started acting funny.

I will call without end, and he will leave the line unanswered.

Whenever he manages to pick up, it’s one story of how his manager is sick or his child is dying, so there is no way he could go to Ladipo.

I sensed that he was playing games and asked him to refund my money after three weeks of scanty and almost inexistent communication. And that’s how the main drama started.

He would instruct me to forward my account number, go and meet this and go and meet that.

With bloodshot eyes, I stormed his office on Sunday and managed to wrench 225,000 from him after a laborious try.

Now, my 175,000 is suspended on heavy balloons of spurious promises.

I have been thinking of going to the police, but nothing will come out of it considering how entwined he is with the local police force.

When push comes to shove, I’m aware they might direct that he pay me over the next ten years in coins and cowries.

But I don’t want that.

The other option is to go there and do werey.

To exert physical force. But them security go overpower me. And I don’t leave without a fight. So it will be bloody.

One of the topics from the Islamic section on the front page admonishes against anger and enjoins us to brood over the possible consequences of our intended actions.

So, this one too has Kleg.

Have you ever been in my shoe?

What do you suggest I do?

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