This Twitter user deciphered Laycon's "god body"



Most of us know 


 did a madness on god body. That song is so deep, hidden meanings. Here's the message I got from it.

It starts by him telling us he has a message and we have to listen properly( needed to digest his parable like kind of message). Talk about designers he is the god model meaning he is the standard, si unit. God speed so the movement everlasting meaning he is unstoppable

The above also literally relates to us iCONs being a forever movement. God seed so every girl around me stays fertile. Meaning he is always going to be successful and be surrounded by prosperity. He will always be productive.

Tell me who you think I look like, nobody....till god is me and I am him basically talks about how people do not rate him and predict failure for him, how in the music game learning from other people's sounds makes you corny but he is owning it...

And saying that it actually makes him special, being able to execute so many different styles(evident in the album) and that is actually god like( I can do all things I set my mind on)

Revelation for beginners is a theological tool to explain the mysteries in revelations and Daniels in simpler manner, it continues with the flow(words) to walk on water line( make things easier) so basically he is trying to make us understand his reality as easy as possible.

He then talks about how he is underrated despite how good he is(flow sick) he then relates how that was his experience when he was entering bb house with a smooth tribute to neo( drip lord) (glow stick, his outfit on opening night). At the same time flow SICK, DRIP(treatment)

Glow stick, light is yours represents how the lights he wore physically represent the light in him, he is a star and can't be dimmed. Holy key to heavy doors show that grace speaks for him. Opportunity knocks when you are closing doors shows that on top of grace there is work. you must make your destiny and not wait for opportunities. How In his case opportunity met preparation. Quotable line!!. Flesh and blood became words, ideas, metaphors talks about self development, to be like God. spiritual awakening, deciphering mysteries(metaphors)

Which then enable fantasies(dreams, impossibilities) a legacy(reality, possible). He is going to be legendary. This line now leads us into the next scheme, legend infused theme in the next paragraph. I'll do that part & the rest of the song later, tired. Pt 2 tomorrow morning.

Zeus and Jupiter are the same god(most powerful of all gods) in Greek and Roman mythology respectively. Them living in him is him declaring and knowing he is very powerful.

After the power comes the responsibility, angels in him is conscience, will to do good while devils on his shoulder is temptations( from haters and the likes). god in a human body is him asserting that he will overcome those temptations.(tinge of a warning to the tempters though)

The next part talks about the xtics of God he shares, omni- presence, science and potence. Without the omni of course, meaning he has great power and  ability, great knowledge and wisdom, and his popularity (wide spread nature). Also he like god is possessive of all that are his

Body, flows(presence) smile, jokes(potence, abilities), energy(physics), chemistry--(science) you dig?. God in my genes is the true religion and the fair equal part depicts how goodness of man is the real likeness of God not religion. True religion is also a brand of jeans/genes

meaning he carries God with him. That God leads and protects him(Jesus at the wheel, he is passenger). That God is in control(is the architect) of his life and will favour him. (Turning tables for him, he is the carpenter). This line also starts what I term a lyrical circle.

The goat scheme, people think he is just being cheesy with church terms. See this circle..table-carpenter-traps-shiloh-go(ahead)-enemies-mfm-fire-RAMadan. Now traps relate to animals used for sacrifice(Shiloh) carpenters build altars. MFM is mountain of fire relating to Elijah.

And false prophet(my enemies are not my FAM) who will be sacrificed( my m EFF em). Getting the fire from sallah is a form of personalization(feast for humans(him,god) instead of God like with Elijah and prophets of Baal where the aroma went to the heavens).

The RAM(sacrifice)Adan part is genius accentuation proving he meant this scheme. The circle completes back at turning tables by Jesus(God prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies!) Remember the video on showmax also hints at a feast setting(genius!!)

Transition to higher, high level, sky heaven(sacrifice for him, where the aroma reaches) depicting his ascent to the top, he can't be brought down, and how he will keep going even higher. Intelligence is god level no be lie

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