DID YOU KNOW? President Buhari Might Rule Additional 6Months After 2023 (See Why)


Only fewer Nigerians know about this, majority doesn’t.

The Nigeria Constitution by virtue of
Section 135(3) empowers the National Assembly to extend the tenure of a sitting President if INEC is unable to conduct elections when a part of the country is at war.

Section 135(3), it reads as fellows,

“If the Federation is at war in which the territory of Nigeria is physically involved and the President considers that it is not practicable to hold elections, the National Assembly may by resolution extend the period of four years mentioned in subsection (2) of this section from time to time; but no such extension shall exceed a period of six months at any one time”.

Currently in the southern part of Nigeria, some yet to be identified gunmen popularly known as the “Unknown Gun Men” are terrorizing, killing and setting government properties ablaze.

Several police men have been killed by the so called Unknown Gun Men. Police stations and INEC offices, burnt to ashes. Civilians killed by the military on daily basis.

If this continues till 2023, I’m afraid,

President Buhari Might Rule Additional 6Months

If eventually, it happens,

How Would You Feel?

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