NAWA! 3 Brothers Arrested For Forcefully Sleeping With Cow Till It Died (Photo)


3 blood brothers from Uganda have shocked residents in Teresia forest (in Chepterwai village, Nandi county) after they allegedly slept with a cow until it died.

Kimaiyo Kiyos, the genuine owner of the dead animal, stated that when he awoke in the morning, he discovered that his cow had gone missing.

He and a group of neighbours searched for the cow, and astonishingly, they discovered it 500 meters from his property.

The deceased animal’s reproductive organs were seriously haemorrhaging, indicating that they had been interfered with.

The neighbours were taken aback when they learned that their children were the perpetrators. Members of the community tracked down one of the three suspects.

They believe that drug usage is the true cause of their bad behaviour, and are encouraging the security team to crack down on the unlawful brew production that is hurting their children.

The other two suspects were apprehended when the victim of the incident reported the occurrence to the police station, according to the results of a comprehensive search.

The three were then moved to a different police station, where they will be held until their case is heard on Monday.

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