How to Clone an MTN | Glo | Airtel | Etisalat Sim card in 10 minutes

 Going by the title of this article, you might be curious to know what the content would be. Is it truly about how to clone SIM card?. Yes. I am going to discuss how to cloning SIM cards in this article.

If you understand this tutorial well, you should be able to clone a SIM card and have all original features loaded on the cloned copy of the SIM card.
Disclaimer: SIM card cloning is highly illegal and punishable by law. This tutorial is for educational purposes only and shall not be used for any illegal purposes.

In the event that you are found wanting of the law as a result of the knowledge you acquired through this article, you shall not hold ArykTECH, Aryk Enterprise or any third party or partner mentioned herein for your own actions.
You are solely responsible for your actions.

What is a SIM?

A SIM card, is an acronym for Subscribers Identification Modules. From the full meaning, you should know that SIM cards are being used to saving data and information of an individual.
The SIM card is usually used widely in the information industry like your mobile phone network providers and others.
The small plastic like material that’s mostly attached to a golden/silver coloured panel usually starched somewhere around your phone that gives you access to the mobile phone network is your SIM card.
Cloning is an acts of making an exact carbon copy of an original material and in which both will have similar characteristics.
SIM Cloning
SIM Cloning is an act of making another carbon copy of an original SIM card both having similar functionalities and characteristics.

Why Would you Clone A SIM Card?

Individuals’ interest are different. SIM cards are being cloned mostly to extracting information from the
original SIM card.
SIM card are usually cloned by security agencies usually for the purpose of gathering information usable for tracking convicts and criminals and for gathering evidences to be used in the court of law.
Other than these purposes, most other use of the
SIM card cloning are illegal; that’s to my own perspective anyway.

What Can A Cloned SIM Card Do?

Since a cloned SIM card is a carbon copy of the
original, you can do virtually everything on the SIM card that which the original SIM card also does.
1- Calls: both outgoing and incoming calls made on the original SIM are reflected on the Cloned SIM as well. I.e, if somebody calls the original SIM, when it rings, the Cloned SIM also rings and when the call is picked both phones (if the SIMs are on different phones) will be hearing, listening or recording the conversation.
2- SMS: all sent messages and received messages on the original SIM card are also reflected on the Cloned SIM. By this I mean, when someone sends message from the original SIM, the message also appear under sent messages folder on the Cloned SIM likewise when a message is received.
Broadly speaking, cloned SIM card are usually being used to spy on the original SIM or for information backup purposes.

How to Clone A SIM?

First, the requirements for cloning a SIM card;
1- SIM hacking knowledge or ideas .
NOTE: not every SIM Card can be easily cloned. Some have to be hacked before they are cloned.
COMP128v1 is the most popular SIM card and can be cloned easily.
However, COMP128v2 is a much recent version of
SIM card shipped with the state of the art security techs which makes it almost invulnerable to cloning.
2- A Computer: a PC is required to carry out the operation. In this tutorial, we will be making use of Windows PC.
3- Blank Programmable SIM Cards : this is the SIM card that will be cloned to bearing the identity of the
original SIM card. These kind of SIM cards are usually blanked and always ready to be written or copied over. You may get one here.
4- A SIM Card Reader : this is where the SIM card is attached so that you may plug it on to your PC for easier access, just like your SD card reader. You may
get one here.
5- A SIM Firmware Writer : this is required to write the data on the original SIM to the Blank SIM card.
6- SIM Card Reader or Scanner : this would be used to read, write and then, copy the data on the original
SIM card.
7- The Original SIM Card: you will need to have access to the original SIM card for some minutes before this can be done.
So far so good! Now, supposing you have gotten all the requirements, let’s proceed to the work.

In the process of cloning SIM Card, two (2) factors are important and they are; KI and IMSI codes of the
original SIM card, these codes are the identifier of the
SIM Card similar to the functions of IMEI of phones. These codes are being used by the network provider to registering every SIM card on the network.

The Step by Step Guides of Cloning SIM Card

1- Install the Softwares , Get the Original SIM: here, you should install all the softwares mentioned above on your PC, plug the SIM card reader to your PC with the original SIM card in it. We are now preparing to extract the information needed from the original SIM.
2- Configure the Softwares or Leave Defaults:
depending on the software you are using, you may need to configure the parameters on the software however, most softwares come with default configuration suitable for the work.
3- i, Run IMSI Search on the SIM: remember, we say the KI and IMSI are important factors needed for every SIM cloning operation. You should now run MSI search on the SIM .
When the resulted is presented to you, note down the result. We will use it later here.
ii, Run ICC Search: shortly after that, run the ICC search and also note the values down, too.
You should write the ICC number down as exactly presented.
iii, Run the KI Search: this may take some time, just stick to it.
Once the result is presented to you, note that down as well.
Now, we are done with the original SIM and it can now be returned.
4- Run SIM-EMU: SIM EMU is a free software for writing settings on Blank SIM Card. The download link is already given above.
Or, if you have another SIM card writer program, you may use it.
Now insert the blank SIM and wait for the program to detect it.
On SIM-EMU, locate the Configure Tab and click it.
From there, you will see the option to enter the information gathered in the previous step three above. Simply supply the IMSI, KI and ICC copied from the original SIM in the appropriate field provided.
You may leave the rest of the info as default, if the
program sets default values for them.
Meanwhile, in the case of the phone number, it should be in the international format. For Nigeria, it should look like this; +234(888 888 8888)
5- You Can Now Write the Data: select the Write To Disk button and Name the file something like
Wait until the writing operation is successful and the confirmation message pops up then, click OK.
By now, another widow should appear. This is where you write EEPROM file.
You may name that as SUPERSIM_EP.HEX and then, click Save button.
Now you should be having two (2) files to be flashed.
6- Flash the Files On Blank SIM: most SIM card writer come with default blank SIM card. Insert the blank SIM in the writer and plug it to the PC.
NOTE: using another Blank SIM apart from the one that came with the writer may spoil the writer and the SIM as well.
I use MobileEDIT writer therefore; I might not be able to give a precise prescription here.
Now Put the required files in the appropriate fields and then; Click Write on Disk .
Wait few minutes until the operations are complete.
All things being equal, if the operation completes successfully, you have just cloned a SIM card. Congratulations!

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