MUST READ!! How To Become A Successful Bandit In Nigeria (See This)


Hope you know what sarcasm is? Lol

What Is/Who Is A Bandit?

A person who engages in banditry is known as a bandit and primarily commits crimes such as extortion, robbery, and murder, either as an individual or in groups.

Banditry is a vague concept of criminality and in modern usage can be synonymous for gangsterism, brigandage, marauding, and thievery.

What Causes Banditry In Nigeria?

Over the past decade banditry has evolved from a communal rivalry into lethal militia groups. Banditry has become an appealing method of income in northwest Nigeria where weak governance, youth unemployment, poverty, and inequality have left people with depleted options for livelihood.

The Concept Of Banditry In Nigeria?

According to Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, he said bandits were not calling for the break-up of Nigeria but only carrying out their activities as a form of BUSINESS.

According to Sheik Gumi, bandits sympathizer and negotiator, he claimed that bandits are decent, should not be arrested but begged and pet.

In other words, banditry has become a norm in the North (Oil Well).

👉🏿How To Become A Successful Bandit In Nigeria?

1. You must be a northerner.

2. You must be a Muslim.

2. You must be Booohari follower/supporter.

3. You must kidnap school students, women, go into hospitals and abduct new born babies.

4. Demand from 100 million naira ransom and above. Don’t worry Gumi will negotiate with the government and they’d pay.

5. Don’t worry about the police or army, they won’t come for you. You’re immune to arrest and prosecution.

5. Boom! Cashed out, you’re now a millionaire; congratulations!

Note: If you are not from the North don’t try this. If not ehn, sorry go be ur name.


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