Shocking News That All Banks Will Withdraw 5k From Nigerian’s Account Because Of Buhari’s Loan (FAKE OR REAL?)


Recently, there is a trending news that claims all banks will withdraw 5k from Nigerian’s account because of the repayment for Buhari’s loan. This news was recent and it has gone viral than what the publisher expect such that citizens of Nigeria have started reposting it on Al social media accounts.

Is it true that Nigeria banks will withdraw 5k from Nigerian’s account?

The website that is said to have published the news is said to be a new and a small news website which we suggest was planning to have tons of visitors and make them trend because such news can frighten Nigerians and make them search for the source it came from which could lead to some gain for the website owner when it is trending.

During some interviews we made, some people claim such news might be fake while some said it might be real because they ain’t sure where Nigeria Government is taking us to as prices of things are inflating without limits.

How will Nigeria repay the loan debt we have?

How will Nigeria repay the loan debt we have?

This is the question that is giving most of Nigeria citizens concern because everybody is scared and they don’t know what tomorrow may lead to. Some people claim Nigeria is already sold out to other countries which has not been confirmed or officially announced.

As prices of things are inflating, Nigerians keep complaining and lamenting because cost of living is very high and their way of living is becoming very hard dangerous because of crimes.


Is the news that money will be deducted from Nigerian’s account because of the President’s loan real?

During our research, we found out the website or news blog that published the news about the deduction of money from Nigerian’s account because of the president loan was a small blog and the last time we visited the website and checked the news, we found out the post has no content in it and it is also uncategorized on their website but it seems because if the auto post to social the website is using, the news was uploaded to social media and when people saw it, they were scared and they have to repost it to confirm or to make other people prepare for it in case it is a real and confirmed news.How will Nigeria repay the loan debt we have?

Who published the news about Nigerian’s money deduction because of country’s loan?

Is the news that money will be deducted from Nigerian's account because of the President's loan real

As we said earlier, the website that published the news was a new blog who claimed to have the latest news. The name of the blog is Ejiblinks.


Will money really be deducted from Nigerian’s account due to the country’s loan?

This question has been one of the recent popular questions in the last 24 hours due to the news which was heard from an unverified source in Nigeria. Due to our research, we ain’t sure about what the real answer is right now because we still have to wait for the verified sources like, or vanguard news to upload the news for us to confirm.

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Our suggestion about this issue

For this type of issue or news, one has to be very careful because fake news can lead to something else or useless believes of what is going to happen. When you see any news that isn’t clear to you, make sure you verify if the news is from a credible source before you take action, believe or share it with you friends and family.

In Conclusion

In Nigeria recently, you should be careful about what you say, do or act upon because change begins with you and me. We are the one that can make Nigeria a better place for us and other people to live in.


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