Mr Umo Eno and the credibility Question-Akwa Ibom Governorship Race 2023


Mr Umo Eno and the credibility Question-Akwa Ibom Governorship Race 2023


By now anyone reading this piece or familiar with public commentary would know that majority of Akwa Ibom State do not support Mr. Umo Eno’s (or is it Eno Umo) ambition to become the next governor of Akwa Ibom State. 

Apart from his scandalous kneeling down before Mr. Udom Emmanuel the current Governor to elicit ‘anointing’ and curry a free pass, which shows a sign of weakness and incompetence, the crux of my position in this piece is Mr. Umo Eno’s fraudulent acts of claiming phantom educational qualification as one of his qualifications to be a governor. 

This in my opinion and that of reasonable men and women of Akwa Ibom should be a serious signal that the State is about to be sold into another path of rudderless governance and its people inflicted to continuous suffering.

Let me start with what is actually in the public domain. Mr Umo Eno published his resume through his official campaign publicity-media team with false and misleading information that he graduated from St Francis Secondary School Eket and Victory Secondary School Ikeja with a GCE O level Certificate in 1981. This to me was the first sign of deliberate misinformation and fraud. 

How could someone who claimed to be competent and had capacity in human and material resources management draft such a poor and silly resume for public consumption.

For the record, under the Nigerian Constitution you do not need a GCE O’ Levels to contest for a governorship position. So why the cooking of credential? I, the author of this piece graduated from St. Francis Secondary School, Ikot Ataku Eket in 1982 with GCE O Level Diploma/Certificate. The same school Mr. Umo Eno claimed he graduated from in 1981. 

I know of a fact he never took any GCE exams in St Francis Secondary School Ikot Ataku Eket nor graduated therefrom. Actually, he dropped out. He is what we know in the streets and in the real world as a ‘Drop Out.’ Nothing actually corrosive being a drop out. 

But when you attempt to juice your status notwithstanding, you have succeeded in deceiving a lot of people using false and incorrect credentials to get to where you currently are-then there is a serious problem when you want to become the governor of Akwa Ibom State with same fraudulent resume. Then, I personally will have a serious commonsense collison with you because in Akwa Ibom I have a fundamental stake towards its development growth and wellbeing.

On to the acclaimed Victory Secondary School in Ikeja. Mr. Umo Eno has brought out a poorly engineered copy of a school certificate which has “Ikeja” as the place he took his GCE exams, not even the acclaimed Victory Secondary School Ikeja as depicted in his public resume. 

This document just on the face of it is laughable. So, my point is why would Akwa Ibom allow such a man, who is not even required to present a GCE certificate to be a Governor, but has taken such tenuous and amateurish sojourn to juice and cook up a false personality and credential so the people of Akwa Ibom will vote him in as a so called successful “entrepreneur.”

I challenge other gubernatorial aspirants to take on Mr. Umo Eno on his credibility and integrity. Akwa Ibom does not need a fraud and a ‘Manchurian’ Governorship candidate. 

The people of Akwa Ibom Have suffered enough lack and abuse from politicians. If our people must breath a free sense of emancipation from abject poverty and economic backwardness, Akwa Ibom should only present worthy and upright candidates from all the political parties.

©Samiai 2022

*Dr. Samuel Samiai Andrews is a USA Ambassador’s Distinguished Scholar & Professor of Intellectual Property law

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