SHOCKING REVELATION: Singer Shark2six Blames SA On Entertainment CRS For None Payment Of Performances Fee After Been Used For Government Events

 Shark2six took to his social media page to make a shocking revelation on the inability of the SA to the Governor on Entertainment Cross River State to make payment for the state government events he played for three consecutive times.

In his own words he wrote

"It is patetic for artists (entertainers) to be treated with disdain in cross river state. Artists are alway given empty promises by government that are never fulfiled after perfomance. I have decided to forge ahead on my own instead of dwelling always on this unfulfilled promises of the S.A on entertainment. 

I am disappointed at the SA to the Governor on Entertainment whose responsibility is for Entertainer’s and I’m still waiting for my money.

Now will you tell me that, the governor is the one paying Akiss 10,000/ 20,000 naira for performing  from one day of December to the last day of December? 

Why would Governor sign money for entertainers, S.A will use the money and prepare your future, But let me tell you, my money will be your problem if you like pay me my money but if you don’t want to pay me, you are at liberty to  keep the money 💴

 Remember that there is time for everything....... I want to officially say that I will no longer Perform at any Government of C.R.S event until my three years performance money is given to me, and the present SA to governor on entertainment is no more the SA on Entertainment. There will be a Proper agreement  between me, and my record label, and Government. Anything Outside this, my name and picture should not be used for any event of government of C.R.S.

Could this fact be true or it is just his word against the SA on Entertainment own.

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