Trust matters in political relationship, if we expect campaign promises and individual agreements called social contract to be fulfilled when aspirants are elected.

To earn this trust, we have heard different types of assurances by aspirants just to procure the confidence of the electorate, whose votes they desperately need to win. 

Most times, because of sweet talks, the electorate agree to pacts and expect fulfillment of such campaign promises when aspirants are elected. However, this is not always the case as most politicians breach the trust and abandon the electorate after being elected. It is common.

Complaints of failed promises by the present state governor, Mr.Udom Emmanuel, is a typical example. This has made it tough to trust anyone aspiring to the leadership position. In Akwa Ibom State, trusting aspirants is a risk since it is not possible to read the minds of those seeking to be trusted. The fear of dashed hope is high because of lessons learnt from the present leadership.

Under the circumstance, looking at the pedigree of Sen. Bassey Albert Akpan, with regards to keeping to his promises, it won't be wrong to trust him since he has been keeping to his bargains. But, as earlier said, the distrust between politicians and the electorate caused by the present PDP leadership is frightening and people need to be reassured, especially by those seeking the governorship seat.

That expected reassurance came from OBA recently , via a statement, which was more of a covenant with God. And it registered a strong impression on those present to trust him more than ever before, especially as it was not said out of desperation to persuade his audience of over 400 socio-political groups, but as part of an unprepared speech.

He did not swear with anything to persuade the electorate to trust him or made enticing proposals to assure them that he will fulfill his promises. Rather, OBA revealed his covenant with God to serve the citizens selflesslly with exceptional commitment. He revealed his covenant with God, charging the Almighty God not to allow him scale the daunting hurdles to win the governorship in 2023, if he will disappoint the masses in any way.

Although, based on his pedigree and leadership qualities, l already had unquestionable trust in his capacity to subdue challenges of governance and be an outstanding governor if elected, nevertheless this unimaginable statement further reenforced my conviction that OBA deserves to be entrusted with our mandate to govern in 2023. 

That covenant demonstrated his sincerity of purpose and passionate zeal to change the present pathetic situation witnessed by citizens of the state in the past seven years. OBA’s covenant with God, not man, makes him uniquely different from the sterotypes who deceive vulnerable electorate without fear. 

For asking God not to wait till after elections, but to deploy his almighty power to frustrate his quest if he is found not to be sincere in his motive for seeking election, OBA is reassuring enough to earn trust. This indicates that he is not driven by desperation to win, but propelled by passion to advance collective interest of the citizens. 

For me, OBA has made a spiritual pact, which he would breach. It is not the lies commonly told by most politicians to buy the trust of men who cannot probe their inner minds to know what is hidden. This one is with God who is omnipresent and omniscient. 

So far, the way he is overcoming all the schemes deployed to stop him is a clear testimony that his pact enjoys God's blessings. There is no doubt that he is led by the grace of God towards the path to victory because God sees his positive motives.

Unlike him, most politicians swear by different kinds of oaths in desperation to earn trust. But he prefers to commit himself by tabling his conscience before God, the almighty judge.To most aspirants winning first is their paramount concern, while the purpose of wanting to win becomes secondary. In contrast, OBA has placed the purpose first and winning as secondary. It is why he asked God that if he is not going to serve diligently and responsively, his ambition should be divinely aborted, midway.

Most people do not trust themselves to warrant such compelling covenant. They doubt the contents deep down their hearts, so they try to play safe. Contrary, OBA erased every doubt by the covenant because he has absolute trust in himself to keep promises made to the citizens. It shows that we have a man guided by the fear of God and trust in Him. He places the Almighty God, not man as police, witness and unbiased judge. 

OBA is undoubtedly sincere, which is why angels are fighting his battles by the authority of God who knows and appreciates that his intention is not for oppresive reasons or for selfish interests.

It is why with all the formidable instruments of warfare deployed by the present government and ruling party against him, he seems not to be scratched in anyway. Rather, by the grace of God, OBA is even waxing stronger each day, to prove that God has honoured his words.

The senator's reverence to God, faith in Him, belief in his power to judge the hearts of man has removed whatever bit of distrust or doubt harboured about him because of insincerity of the present leadership. 

The time is ripe for a truly God fearing, people-friendly, capacity packed and experienced politician to be trusted and entrusted with our mandate to take over the leadership of the state in 2023. This is necessary since the citizens have been denied the dividends of good governance, instead are fed with lies, left with abandoned projects and failed promises. Indeed, in this matter of earning our trust, OBA leads, others follow from a distance!

Source: Imo Ben

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